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This deviation was deleted

Very pretty! Where shall I start?

Firstly, originality. I have to say, I can't give you a very good rating on this one, as the focus, style, and atmosphere of the picture have been done countless times. If you wanted to spice it up a little, I might suggest using a different flower other than the generic cherry blossom, and maybe changing up the poses.

As for vision, I think you had the right idea in evoking the pleasant feeling of spring and summer. But here's where vision bleeds into technique; the anatomy of the characters is inaccurate, the use of negative space is a bit amateurish, and the color is choppy and inconsistent. Now I don't claim to be an expert--I'm anything but--but I can't help but feel that this could definitely have been done better.

Impact has a strong tie to originality, so I can't really give a good rating on it either. When I look at this, my interest just isn't piqued at all; like I said earlier, it's a case of same old, same old.

Overall, it's a cute picture! But I would work a little more on your execution.
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